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LED Portable Lighting Systems - OAP / UIL

Batts AVL

Flexibility and reliability are two core attributes of any good actor or technician. This season's evolution of the LED lighting packages embodies these ideas. Reliability should never stand in the way of flexibility. Batts AVL continues to keep improving the LED kits as UIL rules and regulations change.

LED lighting technology has never been so affordable, so dependable, or so versatile. This season, get a turn-key lighting package that includes LED fixtures, DMX lighting cables, and all the hanging hardware and lighting stands you'll need without cutting corners. Did we mention shipping is included?

As always, please give us a call about any questions you have or custom quotations.


 QuantitySystem Option 1
6Blizzard RGBA or RGBW Par
1Leviton N7016-D00
625ft DMX Cables
6Medium Duty S-Hooks
2T-Bar Lighting Stands
15-pin to 3-pin turnaround


QuantitySystem Option 2
6Showline SL155 Par
1Cognito2 512 Starter
625ft 3pin XLR Cable
6Apollo Get-a-Grip Clamp, Black
2ADJ Light Trees
15-pin to 3-pin turnaround


QuantitySystem Option - W
6Blizzard Wireless Fixtures RGBAW
1Jands Stage CL Lighting Console
2ADJ Light Trees
625ft 3pin XLR Cable
6Medium Duty S-Hook
15-pin to 3-pin turnaround
1Blizzard Lighting Wireless Transmitter
1Charging Case, Fits up to 8 SkyBox fixtures